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General information[contribute]

The Acoustat X is a direct-drive in the electrostatic speaker category. It was manufactured from 1976 to 1980.

Fred Kurz (May 3, 2004): Once upon a time in 1978 or 79, a pilot friend in Miami called and said, "We have to go and hear these new speakers!" We went to 4020 N. 29th Ave, Hollywood, Florida and just inside the door to the left there was a long listening room with only two things in it, Acoustat Xs. We met Jim Strickland who took us into the room, I heard and then and there bought them. It was a very brave thing to do for a married man and a nearly out of work pilot. They went into a living room, but there were never ending snide remarks about their size.

They were pure, they still are pure after 25 years, but they never reached greatness until moving into a house with a concert hall for a living room, or close to it. I read complaints and the need to tinker with the bass with external woofers. The Acoustats are open in the back. They must be in large rooms and the surfaces of the back walls must be rough. They must through endless experimentation be positioned ideally. For the type of person who would buy these in the first place, how could a cone woofer be part of a distortionless planar speaker system? Brrrrhh!

Twenty five years, man, and cone systems in between in parts of the world where I did not dare to ship the Acoustats and still they are the best speakers I have ever heard. The $30,000 sea-shell-shapes still have a cone where the little musical sea animal lives and still distort. What a shame that these speakers did not start a complete sound revolution, that those of us who still have them are part of a cult fringe which tries in an anxious desperation to keep them working as long as possible before this sonic perfection fades completely away. Alas, I'm one of them.

Anders Hammer (December 10, 2000): I own a pair of Acoustat X's and I've found these to be the best sounding speakers I've heard. I also repair and modify Acoustats. I noticed that no one has mentioned the amps that really sound good on Acoustats. I wish I could bring Acoustat back as they were a great speaker at a great. Anders Hammer, Anders Audio,

Renato (March 30, 2009): I own X since end of the '80 (second hand). Very analytic and precise sound, after 20 years: I you like this, then the emotion is guerenteed. I drive them with a Mark Levinson 380, another very analytic machine. About bass frequencies ? Well, I'm not sure to add a slower subwoofer ...

Nick (April 24, 2009): I've owned a pair of X since 1977 I bought them off a friend. Who bought them direct from the New York Audio Show That year. The Amp's where tricked up by the boy's for the show and what a difference, along w/ Euro tubes. The only reason he sold them was he wanted a pair of New Monitors. he believed bigger was better but I would put these X's against them anyday. I had my Amp's redone and modified in 2000 by the boy's in FL, When I was still living in Hermosa Beach Ca. I've moved at least 12 times in the last 20 years and they have come along for the ride. Now I have to part with them because I moved into a small apartment and plan to put them on ebay in May.

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