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Acoustic Research web site (August 2000): For over fifty years AR has developed some of the most advanced audio products of its kind. Today that tradition continues with a wide selection of products which deliver high performance for any application around the home.

Antony Briggs (January 6, 2008): Henry Kloss co-founded Acoustic Research Corporation (AR) with Edgar Villchur in 1954. Villchur, a former teacher of Kloss, had conceived a novel way of building an accurate loudspeaker. Together they developed the AR Model 1, which changed the way that speakers were designed. Until then, speakers of quality had to be quite large. By using an enclosure with a sealed air cavity behind the speaker cone which acted as a spring to damp woofer motion, they were able to make less-expensive, bookshelf-size speakers. Although they were inefficient in power consumption compared to ported designs, they had extremely low distortion. The AR-1 was the first commercial acoustic suspension loudspeaker.

Acoustic Research web site (August 22, 2011): Acoustic Research is one of the most respected names in sound reproduction and has been for nearly a hundred years. Today’s AR products feature sophisticated electronics and high end speaker technology to support the latest and greatest in personal consumer electronics. Our iPod Docking solutions let consumers enjoy audio and even video or photos from their Apple iPod and iPhones with better audio quality, convenient portability and extended functionality.


Jerry Hallaway (June 23, 2002): Edgar Villchur, Henry Kloss, Malcolm Lowe and J. Anton Hoffman founded Acoustic Research AR in short) in 1954. Their first product was a acoustically suspended loudspeaker called the AR-1. The company managed to get patents for the acoustic suspension techniques despite the fact that similar designs had been sold in the USA some 5 years earlier.

In the 50s AR was market leader in selling loudspeakers but at the same time their finacial position always was fragile. Due to disagreements between Villchur on one side and Kloss, Low and Hoffman on the other side the original founders split up. The latter formed KLH, a firm that would be the biggest competitor of AR. Within a few years KLH managed to get hold of the patents of AR. This would not stop AR from growing but in the second half of the 60s the company lost the market and was sold to Teledyne.

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