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Audio Signature web site (December 2003): Welcome to Acoustic-Signature's website. We produce and develop fine High-End turntables with an outstanding price-quality ratio. Revolutionary developments like the oil-free and maintenance-free TIDORFOLON bearing and the Alpha power supply underline our aim of offering you the finest possible listening experience - and without a long list of hidden costs. The aim of high fidelity is to be able to reproduce sound faithfully, expressing the emotions and atmosphere of the music as exactly as possible. Innumerable musicians and music listeners favour the analogue way of listening as the better one because it is the more natural one. The masterpieces of analog music reproduction developed and produced by us are made for precisely this kind of natural listening. With our turntables you lose nothing: all the emotions that are on your records can be heard.

After all, music is for everybody . To make sure this feeling and emotion is built into every Acoustic-Signature turntable we have invested huge amounts of money in our factory plant. We have our own CNC-lathing machine as well as our own Milling machine, also CNC controlled. So the entire manufacturing process is under our control and the quality we achieve is far above the standard. Everybody working for Acoustic-Signature communicates with each other. Our electronic engineer, Mr. Fisch, works closely with our team of precision mechanics. The surface finisher is in contact with the lathe operator. This results in a perfect understanding of the product amongst the whole construction team, resulting in an outstanding product. If you are looking for your dream turntable, then Acoustic Signature is the place for you! Precision made in Germany.

Pharell Wilson (November 25, 2004): Makes 4 decks, their main deck is the Analogue One Mk II a high end deck that has been selling well in Germany for the last few years but they have a somewhat cheaper model called The Final Tool that has been getting a lot of interest across the atlantic and great reviews on both continents, you can read a review by Stereotimes of that model. The company recently introduced a "budget" model called Samba that comes with a Rega tonearm as standard, note that the company also has 2 upgrade kit's for that model if you want to improve it at a later date, and finally for those with a love of analogue sound reproduction they have a 3 motor monster called Impact, that model appears to be slightly cheaper than the Analogue One. All those model share the same custom bearing system that is considered to be one of the most succesfull in the business, and are cheaper than most other high mass tables.

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