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Valve Amplifiers

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Acousticplan web site (December 2002): The special merits of AcousticPlan music reproduction sets are their fascinating liveliness and their neutrality.Without temporarily effects they allow a permanent  and stressless listening of music.

The tonal harmonization is obtained by reducing the amplifier stages and the renunciation of any feedback (in except of the impedance converter of Sitar and Santor). Consequently the signal path which bases on a minimized principle does lead to the application of fullrange drivers. The very light aluminium diaphragms which reproduce the middle and high frequency range do avoid any effects of accumulation of energy. These lead to the exceptional liveliness and to the richness in sound details of the music reproduction.

Through easy change of only one board the stereo power amplifier Santor can be converted into an active operating mono amplifier. The uniqueness of this active crossover is based on the realisation of the filters by coils and capacitors. The direct connection of power amplifiers and drivers accentuaes the sound quality, especially the effortlessness and the dynamics.

Sitar is an integrated amplifier with the merits of the separate pre- and power-amplifier, except for the possibility of active operating.

The reduction of the essential in a technical sense is corresponding to the design of the set.


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