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Affirm Audio web site (August 22, 2007):

The Beautiful Home: A Matter of Taste

Excellence in loudspeaker design should invite your passion for excellence in music reproduction, and should inspire your visual and tactile passion for aesthetics and beauty, as well. An example of timeless beauty, classic styling and design excellence is the Steinway Piano. It is elegant, but unpretentious, until called upon. The Steinway then tastefully reflects the mood of the occasion, be it festive or retrospective.

Our AFFIRM AUDIO loudspeakers do not look like conventional horn loudspeakers. They harmonize with a beautifully decorated home; tastefully blending in, until invited by the host to perform. When introduced, they confidently step forward to become the 'life of the party'. Today, many other horn loudspeakers look overly pretentious. They dominate rather than complement the room in which they are invited. Often, they boastfully stake claim to the title 'life of the party', but when asked to perform, they fail to deliver the splendor.

A Reference Loudspeaker AND A New Bass Reference

AFFIRM AUDIO produces a reference loudspeaker... a reference loudspeaker that happens to be a horn; an audio purist's reference, with the recognized benefits of the horn, but without the limitations associated with conventional horn designs.

AFFIRM AUDIO: Emotionally involving... Empirically precise!

"The great pleasure and feeling in my right brain is more than my left brain can find the words to tell you." - Nobel Laureate, Roger Sperry. Empirically the listener is greeted with disbelief by the prowess of BASSTRAXX True Horn Technology in action... Emotionally the listener is drawn into a warm glow of Oneness with the musicians' performance.

A Complete Solution: A true horn with an advanced tractrix flare

AFFIRM AUDIO produces much more than a single point source driver in a horn loudspeaker. It would be a total waste of our time to market merely another "me too", product. Our unique high efficiency (>100db) wide-bandwidth tractrix horn, resulting in both solid and complete frequency 'true bass' performance to 45Hz.

Johan van Zyl, the designer of our loudspeakers, is a passionate audio enthusiast. His pursuit of the ultimate in music reproduction, the elusive ‘live music in your home experience', sent him on a fourteen-year quest where he questioned the myths and commonly held beliefs, about music reproduction through horn loudspeakers. He viewed then current horn loudspeaker technology like a cup half full instead of a cup half empty. His journey returned him to the beginning, to study the very fundamentals of horn design in the writings and research of Paul Voigt and other early horn loudspeaker pioneers. Throughout Johan's research, design, and prototype building, he had numerous insightful moments. AFFIRM AUDIO recognizes and appreciates his design contributions to our company.

AFFIRM AUDIO... Who We Are and What We Do

AFFIRM AUDIO offers audio enthusiasts an individually built and voiced pair of loudspeakers to satisfy your demanding listening and decor preferences. We fully expect our hand crafted loudspeaker to be the end of your multi-loudspeaker journey in musical performance and to have the lasting durability and beauty of a family heirloom.

"There is nothing these speakers don't do well, and they are drop-dead gorgeous to boot. I have never - EVER - heard bass like this: deep, full, quick, perfectly aligned and scaled to the instrument, whether a standing bass, drums in an orchestra, or an organ, be it a church or Jimmy Smith..."

Affirm Audio web site (Febuary 14, 2010): Please note that, effective August 1, 2009, MaxxHorn has changed its company name to AFFIRM AUDIO. There has been no change in management, and AFFIRM AUDIO will continue to provide the same product models and quality service on which we have built our reputation in the industry. It will be a pleasure to do business with you in the future.

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