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Aiwa manufactures or has manufactured the following equipment (click to expand models list):

Dynamic Headphones
Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Speakers
Minidisc Players
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks
Valve Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Aiwa web site (December 2003): AIWA is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, Tokyo. In Canada, Aiwa Canada is a division of Sony of Canada Ltd and offers a wide range of products including portable audio products, mini stereo systems, boom boxes and car stereos delivering outstanding performance and value.


Aiwa web site (December 2003): A leader in consumer electronics and computer products, the company has thrived by identifying and satisfying the market needs. This commitment explains Aiwa's history of industry ''firsts'' since the parent company was founded in 1951. These include: Japan's first cassette tape recorder, Japan's first stereo cassette deck, the first company to manufacture digital audio tape (DAT) products, the first to market a recording headphone stereo and a leader in mini systems.

Eric Magnela(October 30, 2003): Japanese manufacturer, has for a long time been partly owned by Sony and has worked closely with that company, but was incorporated into Sony in April 2002 and is now operated as a division of that company but branded and marketed separately. While it was mostly know in the 70's and 80's as an adventurous manufacturer that made fairly good quality and often innovative products, it's now retargeted as slightly lower cost sister provider to Sony.

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