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Dynamic Speakers
Electrostatic Headphones
MP3 Players
Solid State Amplifiers
Tape Decks

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Akai web site (December 2003): For more than eight decades, AKAI has proven itself to be one of the premier sources of vision and innovation for consumer electronics. Founded in 1929, Tokyo, Japan, AKAI has engaged in offering quality home entertainment products specializing in the audio and video arenas.

As a mission to enhance our life enjoyment from day to day, AKAI combined advanced technology with its unique expertise in consumer electronics to create the best solutions in the market. Dedicated in the integration of sound and picture in home environment, AKAI's electronic product portfolio includes high-definition TVs, color TV, DVD, Home Theatre system, VHS, VCR, Micro system, Mini system, to Portable players. Not being bounded by area and space, AKAI has extended the same pleasurable experience on the road with its complete range of mobile sound products.

Therefore to satisfy the growing demand for home enjoyment, AKAI is offering more home-related products in an all-rounded perspective. In addition to the existing lineup, AKAI has begun to introduce new items in areas of home appliances, digital and telecommunication products. Continuing to deliver and maintain the high standards that we all expect, Akai strides to deeply integrate into everyone's daily life.

Akai web site (July 28, 2004): Japanese Hi-Fi manufacturer, used to be a big OEM in technologies such as tape recording, and if you have ever wondered about the meaning of the red themes that sometimes appeared in their promotional materials etc, it's simple : Akai means red in Japanese. The company is now a part of the Grande Holdings group.

Distributed in the UK by Prima, in Germany by EZI-Gehado, in Finland and Sweden by Finlux and in Iceland by Sjnvarpsmistin.

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