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Dynamic Speakers

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Aliante web site (November 18, 2009): Speaker systems have long been known and appreciated by most audiophiles' demands. Years of work and research on active and passive components, the structure of the furniture, details that other builders consider marginal allow us to design systems to reproduce sound in a completely natural and involving. But this is not enough: a design exception, the result of collaboration with internationally renowned designers, using quality materials, finishes of the highest level to give our products a very special touch of class and unmistakable. If you love beautiful art in all its manifestations, follow us to the discovery of the planet Aliante

Roy Wijnstekers (October 8, 2006): Aliante loudspeaker systems have been well known and appreciated by most discerning audiophiles for a long time. Many years of engineering and research on active and passive components, on cabinet structure and on details considered marginal by some manufacturers, allow us to create fine-tuned designs featuring an absolute natural sound reproduction. But this is not enough: the unique design (thanks to the pininfurina's co-operation), the use of high quality materials, together with the extremely high level finishing, give our products a very unmistakable touch of class. If you like beautiful things, such as art in all its forms, follow us in the discovery of Aliante's planet.

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