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  • Akkerhof 23, 2321 VE Leiden, The Netherlands
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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers
Valve Amplifiers

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Alouette is high end audio equipment with an unique design. Alouette equipment is hand crafted to order in their atelier . All equipment can be build to exact specs of the customer.

Alouette Audio official website (October 21, 2013): Some time ago I came into contact with John van der Sluis from Hawk Audio, TIME WAS located in Rotterdam. Because I am a music lover, I was very interested in his designs high-end DIY. As an artist, I wanted to make something different from the usual tin boxes in which the equipment was housed. Something with a pure form of beautiful texture and living materials.

Consequent I have my own brand Alouette marketed. But I have to stop this. By the absence of a healthy profit on sales Only in special cases I make enclosures to order.

I am still involved in the development of Hawk Audio and John van der Sluis. So I built include the prototypes for the new FR1 and FR2. And I give some things for John. Freelance basis Such as photographs , drawings and ideas. Furthermore, I am still looking for another audio design. Maybe in the future I still produce housings again handed take .

Contact for Hawk Audio in the Netherlands Hendrik Ribot. Questions are always free!

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