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Audio Advancements web site (October 7, 2000): A new breed of turntables has shown up on these shores from Germany. The turntables are manufactured with the highest possible quality in mind. AMAZON Audio Components produces three models: the Reference, model One and model Two.

What makes these turntables such outstanding performers? To answer that question we need to make a few general observations: it is the function of a turntable to provide a stable, quiet support for the LP. Stability means simply that no seismic disturbance, however small, is to enter the turntable from other resonant sources. Quietness can only be achieved if the bearing supporting the platter is of the absolute highest order. Measurable traces of a bearing generating noise is known at rumble, and there are ways of determining how much of this rumble is present when the platter is spinning. In other words, the quality of the bearing tells you immediately how well a turntable performs.

All AMAZON turntables utilize a revolutionary bearing. It is best described as inverted ceramic ball bearing. The ceramic ball used is ideal, since ceramic material can be made smoother than metal. The ball rests on top of a stationary axle. A precision machined sleeve is placed over the well oiled axle/ball assembly resting on a very smooth Teflon 'mirror' support. The acrylic platter Is simply positioned over the entire tire bearing assembly. Acrylic material is also used for each base; the Reference and model One turntables utilize the 'sandwich' principal for additional resonance control.

AMAZON Reference and model One come with an outboard motor, whereas model Two utilizes a fine integrated motor with an outboard DC supply. The outboard motor chassis is matched geometrically with the depth of the turntable base, has a 6 Volt DC readout (indicating the battery status) and contains fine adjustments for 33 and 45 speeds. The acrylic platter of each model is driven by a thin rubber string. The turntable base assembly sits on three adjustable spikes.

All models come mounted with a MORCH tonearm: the Reference with a Precision DP-6 (gold finish), Model One with chrome finished Standard DP-6, Model Two with a Standard UP-4 in chrome. We recommend the ALLAERTS moving coil cartridges as the absolute finest available today. If a different tonearm is to be mounted we are happy to provide you with a turntable which has a factory predrilled arm support for the arm of your choice. You may also send us your arm and cartridge, and we will prepare the turntable for your immediate use and enjoyment.


Audio Advancements web site (October 9, 2000): In 1986 the first AMAZON turntable was presented, which caused a sensation because we used a special kind of damping mechanism. It was at this time that the legendary High-End magazine DAS OHR decided to use the turntable as a reference turntable.

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