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Ampex web site (December 12, 2003): Ampex Data Systems has a long, proud history of innovation in the field of electronic imaging. Currently, Data Systems' high-capacity DST storage systems are enabling broadcasters to migrate their existing videotape libraries to the distinct advantages of digital storage. DCR™ ruggedized recorders are the most advanced data gathering systems in the world today, and are used in many critical government applications. Data Systems is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ampex Corporation.

When Ampex Corporation was founded in 1944, audio recording technology was in its infancy. We were the driving force in the development of this revolutionary communication tool. As video was introduced to the world, Ampex was ready with the technologies that enabled the growth of this medium. We designed and marketed the first viable videotape recorder, the first slow motion color instant replay device, the first 3-D digital special effects system, the first composite digital video recorder, as well as the fastest, high capacity digital storage systems available. With thousands of patents to our credit, Ampex is internationally recognized for its innovative contributions to the advancement of audio/visual communication. Ampex was also a pioneer in the fields of digital video and compression technology during the early '90s - both defining factors in our current ability to send video out over the Internet.

Today, Data Systems continues to shape breakthrough technologies for the acquisition, storage and processing of visual information. Our new quad density DST storage systems feature a maximum uncompressed capacity of 660 gigabytes on a single cartridge. Particularly attractive to television broadcasters are the new DST 714 and DST 914 automated archive libraries. These scalable systems allow facilities to invest in their digital transformation at a managed level as they begin to apply the clear advantages of digital storage to their existing video libraries.

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