Amplifon Audio WT-40

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General information[contribute]

The Amplifon Audio WT-40 is a valve amplifier.

Amplifon Audio web site (June 25, 2009):Integrated electron-tube amplifier WT 40 is the AMPLIFON AUDIO's construction, which came into being in 2000. This device was designed with the idea of constructing a high-quality amplifier, based on triodes operating in the A-class, with the application of all of the best solutions applied by AMPLIFON AUDIO so far.

We have used 6S33S triodes to the construction, taking into consideration a great reliability and a universality of the amplifier. Those tubes characterize a great durability connected with a large power and the current-efficiency, several times outstripping similar parameters of commonly used power-tubes. Due to the adequately well-thought-out construction, we managed to get a perfect technical parametres, with the small extent dependent on the output power, what is the very unque feature in the electron-tube amplifiers, especially in those, which operate without the negative feedback. The most important parameter distinguishing WT 40 is 'a low transfer band', which, with all its might, reaches 12Hz with a fall of -3dB, which in practice allows to get a very good dynamic.

Developed safety system of WT40 makes it a device which is completely presistant to any surcharges caused by operating signal overload and to too high voltage, output short-circuits and too big decrease of the load impendancy.

This amplifier has initiated a new design, which is made with a new technology (cuting by laser). A high quality components, new technical solutions applied and the quality of the sound put this amplifier into the Hi-End class of the audio equipment.

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