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Valve Amplifiers

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The Antique Sound Lab web site (December 2003): The Antique Sound Lab's factory manufactures its own Transformers
(Audio and Mains Power). ASL operates its own metal shop, powder coating paint facility, and tube electronics assembly/testing group. The point-to-point wiring and overall build quality of these products is outstanding. The Resistors, Capacitors, Switches, Tubes, etc. are typical of Audiophile electronics and come from the world over. In all products the audio path sees only audiophile components.

The Company understands the importance of solid engineering. Some of the designs are 'Classic' (E.g., the AQ1005 Stereo Power Amplifier: 8w 300B Single Ended Triode, hardwired, choke-filtered). Some of the designs break new ground (E.g. the KMP/KI Series of 'Cathode Follower' Tube Power Amplifiers).

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