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  • 20 Livingstone Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, New York 10522 - USA
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Solid State Amplifiers

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Aragon web site (December 2003): Something special happens while listening to high-end Aragon electronics. The world's finest audio components deliver music reproduction that is pure and flawlessly detailed, and the fit and finish is solid and luxurious. By consistently meeting high standards, Aragon products have won a string of awards, critical praise, and a devoted following among discriminating enthusiasts.

blackcat (June 25, 2009): I have been using a pair of Aragon 4004 power amps in a by am set up for the last 18 years with perfect sound and not one problem. I also have the Aragon Pre amp with separate power supply all I can say is that I have had many other audio pieces of equipment in this time sorry to say they all died The Quality of Aragon Products is superb.

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