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Arcam web site (December 12, 2003): Arcam design and manufacture award winning hi-fi and home cinema equipment from our base just outside Cambridge.

Since 1976, our team have been dedicated to providing high performance solutions for people who demand the best from movies and music. Where appropriate, our products utilise the latest ground-breaking technology, whilst maintaining a sophisticated simplicity of design. We pride ourselves on producing equipment which lasts; indeed, we are still able to repair products we made over twenty years ago.

Arcam owners are able to appreciate that good sound quality is vital to the real enjoyment of music. In today's frantic world, the therapeutic effect of well reproduced music is more important that ever. Arcam are committed to making products that bring music to life. We are not just engaged in an exercise in technology; the development and presentation of our product range is driven by people with a deep interest in the art of music reproduction.

The specialist dealers through which Arcam products are available worldwide, share our passion for music. We have always said that hearing is believing. If music is important to you, visit and Arcam dealer to experience the powerful and seductive sound an Arcam system can deliver.

Sam (March 25, 2005): Arcam products will maximise your home sound and vision experience. Using world-class technology, engineering and design, they will bring your music and movies to life by delivering a level of performance that will captivate all who look and listen.


Arcam website (October 2000): We first began building sound reproduction equipment in 1972, whilst still science and engineering students at Cambridge University. We'd examined many of the amplifiers that were commercially available at the time and had found them lacking. The mass produced Japanese equipment compromised sound quality while some British designs, though sonically better, weren't very reliable. At first we only sold our sound equipment to local enthusiasts, but gradually the word spread further afield.

When the famous classical guitarist John Williams came to Cambridge to play Rodrigo's Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra, our simple amplification rig proved so discreet and effective that hardly anyone in the audience realised his guitar was being amplified.

By 1976 we had designed and built our very first domestic hi-fi amplifier, the A60. We initially planned to make just 50 units but we soon found that demand greatly exceeded supply. In fact the A60 went on to become a hi-fi classic, with more than 30,000 sold around the world. Most of these amplifiers are still in use today.

It was the simplicity of our original design, coupled with the integrity of the materials we used, that gave the A60 both superior sound and a long, reliable life. Over the years we've applied this philosophy of simplicity and integrity to everything we've built, from entry level hi-fi amplifiers, tuners and CD players to our most advanced products.

These days, it's not just engineering students at the University who buy our hi-fi equipment. Every year we export tens of thousands of hi-fi amplifiers and CD players all over the world.

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