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Dynamic Speakers
Solid State Amplifiers

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Tom Clancy (December 1999): Ariston was once one of hi-fi's most illustrious brands. The proud name on one of Scotland's finest turntables, it was revered by many a well-heeled Seventies audiophile. Nowadays, though, the brand is a shadow of its former self, the name branded on inexpensive, mass-market DJ turntables.

The course of the Ariston story depends on who tells it - to this day it remains clouded by controversy. The gist is that, back in the early Seventies, Hamish Robertson approached a fresh- faced Ivor Tiefenbrun with a business idea. Ivor's dad owned an engineering facility in Glasgow, which Hamish wanted to manufacture his Ariston turntable. Although the deal came to nothing, soon after Ivor formed Linn Products and launched the LP12, a high- end deck in many ways similar to the Ariston. Hamish and Ivor duly fell out, one accusing the other of plagiarism.

This allegation is open to contention, since, despite the decks obvious similarities, both owed a great debt to Thorens' TD 150, not to mention the original AR turntable. In truth, until the advent of the Oracle and Michell GyroDec (which appeared within weeks of each other in 1981), all belt-drive decks were pretty similarly fashioned.

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