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  • Yakov Aronov Audio Laboratory, Inc.
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Valve Amplifiers

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Aronov Audio web site (December 2003): There has been continuous and rapid development of semi-conductor technology since the 1950's. The implementations of innovative transistors and intergrated circuits furnished consumers with endless new ways to experience and enjoy electronic products. Tube component amplifiers were soon seen as "electronic dinosaurs" and were pushed back into the ancient history of electronic equipment.

At present, hundreds of different brands of audio electronic devices exist. Many are remotely controlled and, because of the new technologies, they can be manufactured easily and quickly. They also can be made in amazingly small sizes which make them extremely convenient to use.

However, even though designers have used state-of-the-art technology to drive frequency response to unheard of linearity, and to push the limits of total harmonic distortion to an incredible minimum, none of these designs approaches the quality of sound reproduction that can be achieved with tube-type amplifiers.

Aronov componets are the most musical one's available. The musical quality of sound reproduction that can be attained by tube amplifiers takes you to a completely different world of sound. You are able to listen to subtleties, sounds and aesthetic qualities of music that are unachievable with transistor type equipment.
There are a surprisingly small number of companies that are committed to creating sound systems that produce the best possible musical sound quality by employing tube based technology. Aronov Audio is one of them.

As a rule, amplifier manufacturers measure their amplifiers against an electronically created active resistance, and not real speakers. Such testing can produce close to an ideal linear response across the entire output frequency range. But in reality, speakers have an impedance that changes drastically across the frequency range. For example, with a particular 8-Ohm speaker, its impedance can decrease to as little as .2 Ohms at certain frequencies. In actual practice, the complex load presented by a speaker deviates completely from the ideal linear model. Even more challenging for the amplifier designer is the fact that, different makes of speakers have different impedance characteristics.

Therefore, the goal of an ideal amplifier should be to reproduce sound so that in its complex configuration, integrated with any good quality speaker system, the acoustical result of the system is a natural listening experience. Extensive experience in the field of amplifier design has enabled us to create the series of Aronov Audio amplifiers that offer musical sound reproduction with maximal realism. The main goal of Aronov Audio is to reach optimal linearity of sound as it is produced by the total system to provide the most natural musical sound for the listener's enjoyment.

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