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The following information was taken from the Art of Sound web site (December 2003): Art of Sound is a small manufacturing company producing audiophile grade subwoofers for critical two channel or home theater. The owner of Art of Sound is degreed in mechanical engineering and has been interested in high-end audio for over twenty years. A formal business has been established for approximately five years.

Our aim is to provide you with a sonically superior product for both music and home theater. This is accomplished with top of the line power amplifiers, drivers, and rock solid cabinetry. With the added ability to customize, Art of Sound is the logical choice. Our products will grace systems costing from $2000 to upwards of $150,000. Art of Sound subwoofers will complement speakers such as Maggies, electrostats and Lowther designs, by adding just the right amount of sonic weight. System integration is another strong point of our subwoofers. Whether you have a conventional receiver based home theater system or a critical two channel system with a 9 watt per channel 300B power amplifier, our subwoofers will integrate perfectly, thanks to the versatile input selection and crossover adjustability.

Art of Sound amplifiers are built with quality features including tordial power transformers, discrete mosfet output devices, and epoxy circuit boards. This assures that Art of Sound subwoofers will sound exceptional, have a low noise floor, and provide many years of musical enjoyment. The drivers employed, range in size from 10" to 18" in diameter and are selected, based on their musical merit. Art of Sound cabinets are built with the right balance of damping and rigidity to virtually eliminate cabinet resonance. Prodigious use of bracing and damping materials is paramount in achieving smooth musical bass


Art of Sound has built a variety of custom coffee/end table subwoofers. We also build black box subwoofers to specific dimensions to fit a particular location or space in your listening room. Art of Sound can create a sonic and visual work of art just for you. Please see the custom page. Our products are presently available on a build to order basis. Please see our line up page. Canceled orders are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Art of Sound manufactured products come with a three year limited warranty on parts and 18 months labor unless otherwise stated in the individual product description.

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