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Atrium web site (December 2003): ATRIUM is a company founded in the Netherlands by Ir. Emile de Vlieger, a graduate from the Technical University of Delft. His goal is to create the ultimate loudspeaker : superior in sound and design.

The sound of ATRIUM products is quite different compared to products from other manufacturers. All components of ATRIUM products are designed to achieve the most natural, neutral, uncoloured sound possible. Now you will hear what the musicians created in the studio and wanted you to hear. These claims are not unique but ATRIUM brings them into practice. Only with this very fundamental approach to sound it is possible to playback music in your livingroom the way it was recorded in the studio

The design of ATRIUM products is not like that of typical loudspeakers at all. They are pieces of contemporary art. The patented design of products like the ATRIUM Onis is revolutionary regarding shape and the materials used. Made from Corian, similar to granite, these speakers are not just speakers

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