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Dynamic Speakers

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Audes web site (December 2003): Our company was established in 1959 as a transformer and cable manufacturing facility for the Soviet Ministry of Defence. AUDES products deliver a unique musical quality that has both the warmth and character of classic speakers, yet the formidable dynamic range can be easily handled even by the most demanding digital recordings and home theatre applications. Chances are once you experience them; you'll be even more amazed at their ability to remain neutral and musically accurate.


Audes web site (December 2003):Since 1984, we have been manufacturing high fidelity loudspeakers and speakers units. Since 1992, established an in-house manufacturing facility to produce cabinets for the loudspeakers.Today our company represents a large manufacturing facility. Plan has total land area 100,000 sq.meters in addition to six engineering buildings. In 1992 our company was reorganized into the Limited Liability Company.

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