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General information[contribute]

The Audio Technica ATH-7 is an electrostatic headphone. It was manufactured from 1980 to unknown.

Leo Malet (August 12, 2009): The ATH-7's are an outstanding set of headphones. They set a standard when they came out in the early 80s, and they can still hold their own today. These headphones are for serious listeners, who are looking for truly flat response. Being electrets, the ATH-7s can not be plugged into a headphone jack. Instead, the included transformer is connected to the speaker outputs, and the ATH-7 headphones are plugged into the transformer.

Mark Colegrove (July 29, 2009): These are a bit older actually. I had a pair in college and owned then for at least a year before graduating in May 1980. I think these were introduced in '77 or '78. Nice phones... used to be my favorites until the earpads disintegrated several years ago. These were also available under Audio Technica's 'high end' Signet brand... don't remember the model number tho.

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