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James Nesky(May 11, 2009): Audiomaster was Robin Marshall, the guy who later set up Epos. Audiomaster had a license to make LS3/5As, so were a recognised & respected brand.

Their first proper HiFi speaker was the Image One, which evolved into the Image 2. These used KEF B200 bass and popular Audax tweeter in a heavily BBC style damped box and with a complex crossover.

The man who made them was a chap called Roger, who wound all the coils himself, damped the boxes with car damping type pads and acoustic foam (God, that glue smelled 'orrible and made you high....) and assembled and tested them all. They sounded a bit bright, but lacked most of the hollow "cupped hands" midrange of the KEF Chorale equivalent and many other boxes using the B200 as a bass-mid.

Robin was busy calibrating the Audiomaster LS3/5A's at this time; measuring all the caps individually and taking batches of completed speakers to "Hirst" to be tested. Every box had individual pen plots and because of B110 variation, often the speakers had to be taken apart and re-adjusted. Fortunately, Robin's maths background was able to help him easily work out what needed to be done to bring errant samples into line (no computer aided design or testing back then).

Later, The Image 2 evolved into the rather smoother sounding MLS-2 using, I think, the Audax 8" bass unit (an equivalent of the KEF I believe) and a new, smaller model, the MLS-1 was introduced, which was balanced to sound like a bigger LS3/5A at much less cost and sharing low power handling in the bass and "insightful" top of the BBC model. There was also an MLS-4, which was a two cubic foot (Spendor BC1/SP1 sized) speaker and we sold a good few of these, along with plenty of the MLS-1.

By this time, Audiomaster had evolved from a "KJ owned" exclusive brand into having a nationwide dealer network. Sadly, the economic situation of non-Linn/Naim UK dealers around the very early eighties caused a lot of businesses to fail and IIRC, KJ (at that time a chain of shops in and around London with head office, warehouse and speaker factory in Watford) had some internal "issues" starting too, ending with many branches becoming privately owned (Uxbridge Audio/Martin-Kleiser and Acoustic Arts being two such and Harrow Audio becoming its own shop once the KJ directors split professionally - KJ stayed as one top end shop in the West End, where it remains and under different ownership since 1998).

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