Audire DM-700

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The Audire DM-700 is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category. It was manufactured from 1980 to unknown.


Reese Woods (October 24, 2010): This is the most awesome amplifier i have ever had the pleasure to use in both a proffessional use and a personal use. let me explain. in the late 70's, an early 80's, i owned a portable, disco business, i was the d.j., and sound guy et-all, i had a system of which i advertised in los angeles magazine, as ; best sound and the biggest best sound period and i said that i would go against any and all comers, i had the Klipsch mcm 1900 speaker system with all audire electronics, 2 audire amps, bi-amped, with the dm-700 powering the bottom end pushing cetec drivers thru, the mcm 1900, folded horn bottoms, and the horns, and motorola, [genuine] piezo tweets, with a crown crossover, and crown dc-300a, amp for the top and mids. crown xover, it was sweet and tight. and thunderous. the dm-700 without a doubt is the best amp in the bottom end i have ever used and i have used them all. the bass definition is remarkable. tight is a word not good enough. i would take my whole set up and roll it into my house after a 5 a.m. roll in after being up all night, and hook it up in the morning, and listen in pleasure, the next morning, and say great and listen to marley, in the a.m.


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