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  • Jinlang Audio Co., Ltd.
  • N0.1 Xianqiao Street, Beiguan Road, Penglai City, China.
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Ribbon Speakers

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Aurum Cantus web site (July 14, 2009): Aurum Cantus was founded in 1994. Our only goal and choice are to develop and manufacture the high quality loudspeakers, aluminum ribbon tweeters and woofers. Therefore, we spent a huge amount of money in purchasing the world first-class production equipments and electroacoustical testing instruments, and retained several electroacoustical experts as our long-term Technical advisor.

We developed G series aluminum ribbon tweeter successfully in 1997, which achieved high appraisals from the audio field after they are released. After that, we developed APR series aluminum ribbon tweeter and AC series woofers successfully again. Loudspeakers, aluminum ribbon tweeters and woofers have started to be exported in large quantities under Aurum Cantus brand name since 2001. We have set up the distributors in more than 30 countries and regions at present. Furthermore, we also have a long-term and pleasant cooperation with several well-known European and American loudspeakers manufacturers in technology or in business successfully. Aurum Cantus loudspeakers have received many international awards and the great reviews, and Aurum Cantus loudspeakers also become one of the most awards winners in China.

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