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Solid State Amplifiers

General information [contribute]

Les (February 1, 2009): Avondale Audio is a Naim Audio upgrade and service specialist. Service and upgrades specifically for the Naim NAP 135 and Naim Audio NAP 250 power amplifiers.

For DIY hifi enthusiasts, several bare board PCB products are available for self build projects, or ready build and tested modules. These include the NCC200 high end audio power amplifier and for audio power supplies, the FWB1 full wave bridge rectifier, the SSM1 soft start module, and a range of capacitor bank and rectifier modules. High end audio transformers are available, together with high quality, good value audio interconnect and loudspeaker cables.

Refurbishing & modifications[contribute]

Les (February 1, 2009): Avondale Audio offers a specialist CD upgrade service for the Arcam Alpha 5 and 5 + cd players, as well as the Naim CD3.

This is popular and well reviewed upgrade.

Further high end audio upgrades include the the Avondale Audio 821 board, a direct replacment for the Naim Audio 321 board in the NAC 72 series preamps.

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