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BGW web site (December 2003): Effective October 20, 2003, BGW Systems has been acquired by Amplifier Technologies, Inc. All engineering, design, manufacturing, sales, marketing and administration will now be handled by Amplifier Technologies, Inc.

Curtis (June 11, 2015): M1100 wiring diagram


BGW web site (December 2003):

Our History

BGW Systems, Inc. is a highly successful California corporation engaged in the business of designing, manufacturing, marketing and distributing high quality electronic equipment. BGW has built a strong reputation for building the most rugged, reliable and long lasting products in the industry. BGW's product line includes Audio Power Amplifiers for professional, industrial, commercial, theater and cinema markets, Racks and Rack Mount Accessory Products, Self-powered Subwoofer Systems, Rack Mount Computer Systems, in addition to Custom and OEM products.

During the period from 1968 to mid-1972 the company was engaged in extensive research and development activities. It was during this period that the company developed its first product. At present, the company produces four lines of power amplifiers; the "Professional Series", "Performance Series", "Grand Touring Series", and the BGW "Millennium Series".

In July 1974, BGW Systems was chosen by Universal Studios to supply power amplifiers for use in movie theaters worldwide. These amplifiers were an integral part of Universal's Sensurround sound system featured in "Earthquake", "Midway", and "Rollercoaster". During that period, thousands of BGW Models 750 and 750A's were purchased by Universal. And, most are still being used today in Universal Studios' theme parks.

The company's manufacturing facilities are clean and modern. The Sheet Metal facility is truly State of the Art. The 35 ton computer numerical controlled Turret Punch Press fabricates all panels, chassis and brackets. Bending operations are performed on two Press Brakes--one with numerical control back gauge (one axis); the other has two axes numerical control back gauge. Shearing operations utilize a six foot State of the Art Shear with a computerized gauging system. Graining operations are performed on a special time-saver graining machine. A CNC Machining Center allows fabrication of the balance of metal components and heat sinks. Having this complete facility gives the company the ability to develop new products quickly and to produce high quality packaging for all products.

BGW Systems has earned an enviable reputation for reliability and quality. Testing of the products at various stages of manufacture insures proper operation of each unit. A complete electrical test of each amplifier is performed by a computerized audio test system. The computer prints out the results of each test. Since the first amplifier, each unit has been individually tested. Shaker Table testing is also used on a 100% basis. Each amplifier is operated while strapped to a Shaker Table to determine if any intermittent electrical problems exist. The exclusive modular construction makes BGW amplifiers easy to maintain in the field, if needed. By simply replacing a module, service becomes a quick and easy task.

BGW is also an outstanding OEM supplier to many leading firms including NASA, the U.S. Navy and 3M Corporation, for whom we have designed and manufactured special audio amplifiers and customized computer systems

BGW Timeline

1971 - Started production in a garage.First product the Model 1000 Laboratory Power Amplifier introduced the following new concepts to the industry:

1974 - Selected by Universal Studios to supply amplifiers for the Sensurroundú Systems for the movie Earthquake; Introduced Model 750A and 500D - Proves very successful with 500D replacing Crown DC300 as the new Industry Standard

1977 - Movie Saturday Night Fever sparked the Disco Boom. More BGW Amps used in Discos than any other brand according to Billboard Magazine in 1978

1978 - Full complimentary Models 750B & C Introduced

1979 - Model 20 Crossover with Sub Bass Introduced

1980 - Commercial Amp Models 620 & 320 Introduced

1982 - Proline Model 7000 Introduced

1983 - Expanded into the sheet metal fabrication business; Proline II Model 8000 Introduced;Model 150 Single Rack Professional Amp Introduced; Model 2125 Single - Channel Contractor Amp Introduced

1985 - Models 750D&E Replace 750B&C; 1985 Proline II Models 7500 and 6500 Shipped

1986 - Signal Processing Amp Models SPA1 & 3 Installed at Orange County Performing Arts Cente

1987 - Model 85 Broadcast Amp and Grand Touring Model GTA Introduced

1988 - Model GTB Grand Touring Amp Shipped; Fourth Generation 750 Models F&G Introduced

1989 - First 2 Unit High Tri-Amp Shipped

1990 - Professional Models 200, 350 and 350A Shipped

1991 - Rack Mount Accessory Metal Products Introduced; 1991 GTC Compact Grand Touring Amp Introduced

1992 - BGW U86 Rack Mount Computer and Universal Chassis Introduced

1993 - Performance Series Models 1,2 and 4 Introduced; BGW Self Powered SubWoofer Model M2200 Introduced

1994 - Performance Series Model 3 Introduced

1995 - Model M1100 Self Powered Subwoofer Introduced

1996 - Millennium Series Amplifiers Introduced

1997 - Founder and President- Brian Gary Wachner passed away; Barbara Wachner became President and Chairman

1999 - Millennium 2 TMC-2 and Millennium 3 TMC-2 Theater Crossover Amplifiers Shipped

2000 - CX-1 & CX-2 adapters introduced, RN Racks delivered, FaastLink technology introduced.

2002 - Introduced 4 new lines of power amp, the C Series, VX Series, X Series, and GT Series. These products are the highest power BGW amplifiers in the company's history and include computer control abilities.

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