Bedini 25-25-1-MEG

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General information[contribute]

The Bedini 25-25-1-MEG is a power amplifier in the solid state amplifier category.

The One Meg Class A 25-25

The amplifier that blew the others away!!! This amplifier is the most sought after by audiophiles to this day, their is nothing in the market to compare it to in the 25 watt range. The amplifier used one of the best transistors that Motorola ever made the 2N5885, 4Mhz device at 25 amps. This amplifier is also a positive feedback feed forward circuit using a dual diff-amp front end like all Bedini amplifiers coupled to the NPN quasi- complimentary output stage. The amplifier also used modified diff amplifiers using tunnel diodes to balance the currents. This amplifier would run loads down to 1ohm with no problem, most of these amplifiers were used to run ribbon loudspeakers to high levels.

The internal view shows that it used dual transformers in push pull wired to a power supply board with 23,000 Uf capacitors. There were 11 devices per channel, it also used a split power supply at 60 volts.

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