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Birdland Audio web site (May 2009): Birdland Audio was created by Gilles Gameiro, founder and designer, in April 1997, though the quest to reproduce perfect sound began in Gilles' soul more than 20 years ago in France. Over the years, several generations of amplifiers were built, and a wealth of exeperience gained based upon constant comparison between real life performances at the music conservatory and back home with the electronics. The materialization of this experience lead to the creation of the prototype that was to become the reference amplifier, on June 23rd 1996. The inspiration to make this exceptional sound quality available to other audiophiles was born after realizing the enthusiasm that the amplifier was generating. Birdland Audio was created in order to perfect the prototype model and create a higher power version of the reference which was only 6 Watts.

The purpose of Birdland Audio is to approach perfection (as natural as live) as much as possible and provide the best quality at moderate prices. Why should an amplifier cost $90000, when its cost in parts is nowhere near that amount ? By best sound quality, we mean music the way it sounds in real life, not the colorated sound that could please some nor the processed sound that could please others, but simply to deliver the music and emotion as truely as it was recorded. Interestingly enough, the closer one gets to that perfection and the better a system sounds. Thus our mission statement The Way Music Should Sound.

Our goals are to keep perfecting and we will not be fooled into thinking that perfection has been reached. Don't get us wrong, our systems already cast shadows on most acclaimed names but there is always a next step. Today manufacturers are side-tracked with home theater as this seems to be the current wave and although we are commited to support entertainment formats sometime in the future, we will not sacrifice development speed in whatever component we may provide in the future for our true quest is sound quality. We think it is more important to slip a date rather than be on time at the detriment of quality. Sure we do not have a home-theater system YET but if you remember, we were a pioneer in delivering our Odon 24bit DAC back in June 1996 when the format was barely born. Must we say that the Odon DAC is still a reference today.

Birdland Audio is currently working on several projects including a multi-channel audio DSP for our new Silver-Series, new add-on boards for the Odon-Ag DAC and a new revolutionary amplifier code named hammer guaranteed to revolutionize the way you see and use your audio(/video) equipment by providing a high quality 1 channel digital/analog building block that can accomodate the highest-end 2 channel system while it can easily be extended into a complete multi-channel and/or home theater system, be it 5.1, 6, 7.1 or the 10.2 not so far ahead. But there is a lot more about it we canot yet reveal here so please make sure to bookmark our home page as we will reveal the essence of this mysterious line which promise to please the most demanding audiophiles as well as the videophile with a concern for quality.

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