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B&W web site (September 2000): B&W manufactures from the heart. Our success owes as much to people as to technology. From the start, components were individually crafted according to the actute instincts of our assemblers. We are now recognised as a world leader in loudspeaker development and have become the UK's largest loudspeaker exporter. John Bowers was B&W's founder and mentor who believed perfect audio reproduction could only be attained via pioneering research and development. Now, with scientifically-tested R&D the lynchpin to superior quality manufacturing, John's vision is realised.


James Wong (June 2004): History 

1966 Creation of B&W Electronics Ltd.
1967 The first commercial B&W Loudspeaker: the P1 , which was built with EMI bass unit and Celestion tweeters.
1968 First distributor appointed Audioscript in Holland.
DM1 and DM3 (DM stands for Domestic Monitor) are launched.
1969 Dennis Ward, former technical manager at EMI joins the board.
1970 First monitor built entirely in-house: the DM70C.
1972 B&W moves to purpose-built factory at Meadow Road, Worthing.
Launch of D5 and DM4 Loudspeakers.
1973 B&W receives the Queen's Award for Export.
B&W build programme content monitors for the BBC.
1974 Appointment of industrial designer, Kenneth Grange.
Introduction of DuPont's Kevlar brand fibre, an extremely tough woven material originally designed for bulletproof vests. B&W developed and patented the method of using Kevlar® for loudspeaker cones to reduce unwanted standing waves.
1976 Launch of the DM6, the first linear phase speaker manufactured in the UK, which was dubbed "The pregnant penguin" because of its stepped baffle enclosure.
1977 The DM7 is launched, which features a free standing tweeter configuration on top of the cabinet to reduce diffraction.
1978 B&W receives its second Queen's Award for Export in recognition for a tenfold increase in export sales since 1973.
1979 The now classic studio monitor, the 801 is launched. It is tested by EMI and adopted as its standard classical monitor. Decca installs the 801 in all their recording studios.
1981 The DM10 and DM23 are launched, as is the DM22 with its new grille design from Kenneth Grange.
1982 Creation of B&W Research Establishment in Steyning, West Sussex, England.
1983 Launch of the DM110 and DM220 the first digital monitors to match the high dynamics of the compact disc. DM now stands for "Digital Monitor".
1984 The launch of the acclaimed John Bowers Active 1.
The strap line Listen and you'll see" is introduced.
1986 The 20th Anniversary of B&W World Distributor Convention in Montreux.
Launch of Matrix technology in cabinet construction.
1987 Launch of Matrix 801 .
Death of John Bowers in December.
1990 B&W enters the custom in-wall speaker market with CWM6 and CWM8.
1991 Launch of prestigious Silver Signature to commemorate the company's 25th anniversary.
1992 Expansion of production facilities at Silverdale site in Worthing, West Sussex, to cope with increases in product demand.
1993 Introduction of Nautilus after 5 years of research and development the closest to perfect sound reproduction in loudspeaker technology is launched.
Introduction of THX Home Theatre Audio System.
1998 Introduction of casa, a unique multi-room system using active in-wall loudspeakers and a control unit to distribute sound form centralised source components.
Launch of prestigious Nautilus 800 Series, a technical and design advancement of the Matrix 800 series using technology derived from the Nautilus speaker and superior cabinet craftsmanship.
1999 Launch of 600 Series 2 which, by including elements of Nautilus Technology, redefines its market sector.
Launch of lifestyle products - the versatile LM1 and, for outdoor use, the weatherproof WP1.
2001 New dedicated B&W showrooms are opened in Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome and Hong Kong.

B&W moves its Worthing production, warehousing and head office to new premises in Dale Road.
B&W starts work on a second plant in Bradford, England.

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