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Randy Bankert (O.S. Services)(April 2000):

I am the North American distributor for Cadence Audio products. Electrostatic hybrid loudspeakers combine the best of both worlds: the finesse and air of electrostatics and the authoritative and tuneful bass of a dynamic cone driver. In addition, unlike most electrostatics, Cadence loudspeakers are "tube friendly," with 8 ohm impedance and 91dB sensitivity.

The construction of the electrostatic drive unit is a major technological breakthrough. The unit is unaffected by humidity, has no charge-up time, is not susceptible to arcing - and it has an incredible sensitivity of 91dB/watt/1 meter. No other electrostatic unit even comes close. Several international patents have been obtained (and some are pending) on The Cadence electrostatic drive unit.

The musical heart of the electrostatic unit is a PTFE membrane that is thinner than a hair (3.5 microns). It is positioned with the highest degree of accuracy between two electro-formed stators. These are in turn rigidly held between two aluminium frames that are machined to very close tolerances.

The electrostatic drive unit, in Cadence's hybrid design, is required to work no lower than 950 cycles per second. The second drive unit, the sandwich cone bass driver, is ultra rigid and fast, with a second magnet to improve acceleration. A layer of Nomex honeycomb between two layers of Kevlar guarantees accurate and fast transient response.

The whole speaker is housed in a massively constructed bass reflex enclosure with a patented baffling device. `Boominess', a result of undesirable standing waves, is completely eliminated.

O. S. Services is truly honored to have been appointed as the exclusive North American distributor for Cadence loudspeakers and tube amplifiers.

Christian Steingruber (December 2000): Cadence speakers are built by the Eclipse company in India (!!!). They began to build ESL in ca. 1994. By now they offer two models : ARCA and ANINA. The speakers are hybrid-designs and look like the Bowers&Wilkins DM 70 ESL some 30 years ago.

Cadence Audio web site (December 2003): CADENCE was founded after years of research into electrostatic transducers and hybrid speaker designs. In the early 90's, a revolutionary breakthrough was made: the hybrid electrostatic AMAYA (ES MK II) loudspeaker made its spectacular appearance. Following soon after this came the pentode- based hybrid valve amplifier, the VA-1. Today, besides the AMAYA (ES MK II) and the VA-1, CADENCE has a flagship reference hybrid loudspeaker, the ARCA as well as an entry-level dynamic speaker, the DS.

CADENCE is a unique company in the hi-fi world. Its three founders have placed excellence above everything else. Ajay Shirke is an industrialist in Pune, India, and a serious audiophile. Mahendra Dave has the best respected music store in town. Shanti (Walter Schmid) is not only an electronics wizard but has a phenomenal musical ear. He is the genius behind the radically innovative designs. He had opted out of the commercial hi fi world and was working in private in Pune. The formation of CADENCE brought these talented individuals together. The three committed themselves to one simple motto: quality without any compromise. Which is another way of saying "absolute high end"

Cadence web site (October 2000):The smooth, natural sound of the Cadence VA 1.0 is the result of Cadence's innovative hybrid approach. The best performance characteristics of vacuum tubes are enhanced by precise solid-state monitoring, and the whole is integrated into one harmonious instrument. The VA 1.0 is the perfect complement for Cadence's hybrid electrostatic loudspeakers. The Cadence ES and the Arca are the only e;ectrostatic loudspeakers which can be easily driven by valve amplifiers - the audiophiles dream!

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