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Calix web site (August 2, 2009): Developing Profile of Phoenix Speakers

Since Edison invented the phonograph in 19th century, music fans and industries have pushed the development of better technologies to pursue the perfection of sound representation. The establishment of technologies makes perfect sound solution available to our ears. However, one of the greatest loudspeakers challenges since then has been to combine the pristine sound quality with aesthetic figure. The physical limitation in the shape of speakers has restricted significant breakthrough in the design of loudspeakers.

The Phoenix is a quality loudspeaker system built around the sound wizardry of technical marvel, and a sense of style and elegance. Artist Mr. Araki presents this Series to image the spiritual of the Phoenix and to impart the sort of grace into our lives. The whole manufacturing process is close to 100% hand-made, therefore, the processing difficulty of creating great looks with outstanding hearing is hard to imagine. Calix team, Mr.Hsieh, Mr. Araki, Mr. K. E. Lee and Mr. Liu Sun spent many resources to research the technology and employ high quality materials in order to overcome the distortion as well as the interference of different frequencies and to ensure clarity sound quality. With these efforts from this group, the Phoenix shows huge dynamic capability and very low distortion at any level. The flat response and very even dispersion result in a stable image with great depth and soundstage accuracy.

With strong enthusiasm for music and uncompromising insistences on sonic perfection, we have created the Signature Loudspeaker based on the popular Classic model. It contains all merits of an excellent speaker - perfect musicality. Growing up in 2 years, now, it is ripe, pretty and elegant with classical and modern beauty. Now, Phoenix Signature has become a great masterpiece of art, music and character in the whole Hi-end speaker industry.

With the great Phoenix Signature Speaker, which owns many patents and has won many rewards all over the world, we then design the Phoenix Academy Son of the Phoenix Family and the Phoenix Venus Daughter of the Phoenix Family.In year 2008, we launched the only pure gold horn speaker in the world, the Academy Gold/Diamond version, with the world famous Accton diamond tweeter. The whole Phoenix Family has then been completed and sets up new standards of arts and science for the audio world in 21st century.

It is our goal to please the ears and the eyes of music fans. Calixs dedication to sonic accuracy, dynamic range, and elegant looks finds full expression in this remarkable Series. Phoenix is intended to enrich our lives and bring great sonic performance and remarkable art presentation to life.

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