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CAD Cables web site (August 2, 2008): We make a very wide range of HiFi audio cables for the true audiophile including pure silver interconnects and Linear Crystal Oxygen Free Copper LC-OFC interconnects. Our power cables are high definition mains cables, AC power cords and replacement power cords with silver plated oxygen free copper (OFC), which, as you know when used properly, are materials proven to enhance performance. We have supplied the industry with silver and oxygen free copper loudspeaker cables, speaker wire, interconnects, replacement power cables and wires for over 15 years (established 1991).

My name is Ian Phelps and I formed Campaign Audio Design on 31 of July 1991 in Manchester, moving a year later to Cardiff- my home town. My background in Geology helped little but my ten years of management experience in Hi-Fi retailing convinced me that there had to be a way of making better quality and more affordable audio cabling. I set about testing many different types of conductors and insulation to see precisely what their effects were upon sound reproduction. What I learnt surprised and convinced me that very high quality hi-fi cabling need not cost the earth.

We now supply retailers across the world with OEM cables and wires. In the early to mid 1990's we supplied Hi-Fi World magazine with a range of mains, audio and video cables along with some accessories that they retailed alongside their valve amplifier designs. The mainstay of the business is the supply of hi-fi and video cabling by mailorder.

I believe that there is too much "kidology" in hi-fi, often with scant regard paid to science or reason. For instance, it is extremely difficult to guarantee metal purity beyond one hundredth of one percent (99.99%) and impossible beyond one thousandth of one percent (99.999%). Yet you will see claims of 99.99999999% and above! To be fair, they may have been confused, when told a metal is four nines purity they may have assumed it is 99.9999% but four nines means 99.99%. If a company can get this wrong, I wonder what else are they getting wrong?

Campaign Audio Design produce products priced at levels I would be willing to pay and offering performance I would expect.

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