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  • +44 (0)1803 868461


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Horn Speakers

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TAC (July 14, 2009): The Carfrae website is currently offline.

Carfrae website (August 2000): Horn speakers like these are unencumbered with the usual Woofers, Tweeters and Cross-overs that plague conventional loudspeakers. Instead, a single full range drive unit is loaded by a Tractrix horn, which acts as an acoustic amplifier, filling the room with natural dynamic sound. Listeners to CarfraeHORN Loudspeakers are struck by sound so life-like that it fully creates the illusion of "Being There", of actually being present at the performance being reproduced by the loudspeakers..Like all the finest instruments the loudspeakers are made entirely by hand.

The finished article has the structural integrity of a piano - as well as most of its weight! The body of the horn is made from curved sections of 18mm birch ply veneered to choice, everything else is solid maple (a wood used for its tonal qualities as well as its looks). This quality of construction ensures none of the colourations sometimes found in horn speakers, but with all the advantages, especially REALISTIC SCALE AND DYNAMICS.

Recommended amplifier output, 4 to 20 watts per channel.

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