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  • +44 208 688 6565


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Cartridge Man web site (August 3, 2009): We make (the fabulous MusicMaker) repair and rebuild phono cartridges; Moving Iron, Moving Magnet, or Moving Coil, all are given the same care and attention. We also can provide you with stylii for 78 replay, spherical and elliptical in a range of sizes to suit all grove configurations. Decca Cartridges and heads can also be rebuilt to later specification.

We also make the 'Cartridge Man' digital stylus force gauge and can supply you with our test record produced in conjunction with Moth Marketing and Hi-Fi News - to optimise your front end performance. Hopefully there should be an 'Audiophile' version of this record soon pressed on 180 gramme vinyl. Also available in the not too distant future is a tuneable isolation system which will allow you to determine exactly what level of isolation you want.

Another of our services is the rebuilding of 'Classic' valve amplifiers using very high quality components - the options are various, you decide what level of rebuild you want and we will be only too happy to oblige.

A Limited range of equipment is handled by us, namely products from; EAR, Croft, Moth, Opus, and a few others. Please contact us for further details on any of the products or services detailed above at or follow a link below.

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