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General information[contribute]

The Cerwin-Vega D-9 is a dynamic speaker. It was manufactured from 1984 to unknown.

TAC (September 30, 2001):


Charles Costanzo (September 26, 2007): These Monsters are perhaps the best home audio speakers for less than $1000 that you'll ever find! 405 Watts-102dB sensitivity-18Hz of earth shaking bass! Unfortunately they are no longer being produced. I remember the ratings for these when they first came out. They said that they had excellent bass but lacked in mid and high frequency. those gorillas obviously didn't have the right amp hooked up to them! The dual level mids and horns are actually of a high supression type which means it takes a good amount of power to drive them correctly.

I power mine with a Pioneer SX-1250 and they are shreiking crystal clear mids and highs! I wouldn't trade them for a $10,000 set of B&W's! They were produced from 1983 to 1991 at a MSRP of $750(in '83) and finishing in '91 @ $945 per pair! Nowadays you can only find them at garage sales, newspaper ads, ebay or amazon, or grandma's house, if your lucky enough to find a good original nice set. These are getting pretty scarce as more and more of them are getting chopped up and parted out. Mine as you see in pics are a pristine example of original unmessed with D-9's and they are actually Cerwin Vegas. Officials please change the name you have to CERWIN VEGA, not just CERWIN.

Calmini (December 18, 2009): Charles, I was looking to sell my D9's that I picked up in 1991. As I just built an entertainment room. I was thinking that I should upgrade to some Sunfire CRW 2's, but, am having a hard time parting with the Cerwins. As they still sound great and my Carver TF-25 amp still powers them to the point my neighbors complain I am rattling their windows! Maybe, I will keep them and use them for 2 subs. Thanks for the post it changed my mind on selling them. Kevin...

J . Laporte (December 31, 2009): I own two pair of the d 9,and have had them for years. They are remarkable speakers. I may have to sell them though, with space in the family room at a premium. Any ideas what the 2 pairs should bring?

Doug Pitcairn (July 25, 2013): I agree, I have had a set of D9s as my main speakers for years, and I consider them among the finest rock speakers ever!. I drive them with a Yamaha P5000 power amp, which has unlimited power. If you feed these dig D9s lots of watts, they will produce the cleanest most balanced LOUD music ever.

I did replace the tweeters back in the late eighties (the stock tweeters are not the best.) And of course I had the woofers refoamed when they rotted back in 2004 or so...

If you get a chance to grab a pair of these, do so.

Doug Pitcairn

Alternate names[contribute]

Charles Costanzo (September 29, 2007):Cerwin Vega D-9


Charles Costanzo (September 26, 2007):New Foam surrounds on woofers


Charles Costanzo (September 26, 2007):NONE


Charles Costanzo (September 26, 2007):5 stars across the board sound! Unbeatable if you can find a pristine original set! Mine are 22 years old and they still piss off my neighbors!

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