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Chario web site (December 30, 2009): Science is our goal, Listening is your target.


Chario web site (May 2009): Science is our goal, Listening is your target.

In 2005 we at Chario Loudspeakers celebrated our first 30 years, and we are proud to have spent so much time doing the thing we dreamed of: Music as to be our primary job.

Today Chario Loudspeakers is far more the biggest High-Definition-Home-Listening speaker systems manufacturer in Italy and among the first brand names all over the world. Rigorous research and development engagement together with an end-user oriented corporate policy are meant to be our professional ethics.

Furthermore, at the very beginning we soon recognized Psychoacoustics science to be the preferred acoustical engineering background for High-Definition speaker designing, leading to a better comprehension of human auditory system. In fact we can recognize and measure exceedingly complex mechanical oscillations but it's our mind that works the miracle giving the acoustical vibrations their own right feelings to turn them into sounds. Many people repeatedly tried to define this astonishing process but its essence escapes every linguistic code. We at Chario Loudspeakers really don't care about it.

We simply call it Music.

But let's say about the milestones that made our firm to be successful through the years...

1975 Chario Loudspeakers made his début with a patented non-conventional speaker layout called Selective Expansion System made of Left, Centre and Right speaker allowing us to start psychoacoustic investigation of some still current concepts such as perceived distance, enhanced stereo seat, diotic image stability...

1980 Chario Loudspeakers introduced a lower-than-ever crossover frequency between woofer and tweeter, going down to 2,500 Hz, while our competitors were still assessing the necessity to push the transition over 5,000 Hz following a well-established common sense. But sometimes, common sense is misleading... and the invoked psychoacoustic principles were largely misunderstood. Nowadays, low crossover frequencies are a well established common sense. But sometimes common sense is misleading... and we are waiting for another Chario Loudspeakers to revise this theory.

1981 Chario Loudspeakers introduced two new electro-acoustic designing principles: The Equal Loudness Envelope & The Acoustic Pivot.

1983 Chario Loudspeakers introduced a new concept for his bookshelf-speakers low frequency response, trading off sensitivity for timbre-matching. Nowadays, long-throw/large outer suspension small woofers are common items...

1986 Chario Loudspeakers introduced the WMT AlignmentTM, at the same time it was firstly stated the fuzzy Overlapping Frequencies concept instead of well-defined Crossover Frequencies. This new way of thinking forced us to design a new tweeter generation, shifting the crossover frequency still lower to 1,300 Hz. Nowadays, the vertical energy pattern control is a must for any well designed loudspeaker system...

1987 Chario Loudspeakers applied first to consumer speakers the NRS Loading concept. Nowadays, in the multi-media/multi-channel era, down-firing-next-to-floor subwoofers is a rule of thumb...

1992 Chario Loudspeakers introduced first the RLX AlignmentTM. The theory of crossed pressure phasors was firstly proposed by B.Bauer in 1960 but Chario Loudspeakers revised the overall theory also taking into account the counter-lateral early reflections. Nowadays, the inward tilting of the main speaker axes at a variable angle is a standard set up...

1998 Chario Loudspeakers introduced the T38 WaveGuide the largest soft-dome tweeter ever designed for home listening, able to break the 1,000 Hz crossover frequency barrier.

2000 Chario Loudspeakers introduced the first 7-way loudspeaker system whose design embodied several features: all these features were implemented in the Academy Millennium Grand which is still rated among the world's best reference speakers for home listening.

2005 Chario Loudspeakers renewed his top line series and gave it the name Academy "S". The new flagship is a 5-way reference performance: Serendipity, featuring the T32 Silversoft tweeter and the Full Apex geometry for woofer diaphragm.

2006 Chario Loudspeakers invents once again a new speakers array to build the acoustic field at listener's eardrums, radically changing the behaviour of the center unit of a multi-channel domestic stereophony set up. It's Solitaire age ...because

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