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  • Boscombe Down Business Park, Millsway Centre, Amesbury, Salisbury, SP4 7RX UK
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Chord Company web site (January 2004): It's all about the sound. When The Chord Company started, nobody gave much thought about cables. Audio manufacturers spent years developing and refining products, only to be disappointed as soon as they were hooked up to other bits of hi-fi. Where had the music gone? Meantime Chord became expert at carrying sound and delivering the music intact to its destination. It's amazing how many cables fail this basic test. You'll never know the difference until you hear it, but when you do, you'll suddenly realize how much you've been missing. Our customers know us for high quality and excellent value, combined with sonic improvements you can hear straight away. Our exhaustive listening tests and obsession with value for money makes Chord products the most effective connector system on the market.

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