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  • Avenida Industrial, 570, Distrito Industrial, PO Box 86, Barra Bonita, SP, Brazil
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Solid State Amplifiers

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Ciclotron web site (August 9, 2009)(Google translation from Portugeze): The cyclotron Electronics Industry Ltda. was founded in 1973 in the city of Barra Bonita, S Paulo State. Since then, our goal has been the development and manufacture of professional sound equipment for the highest quality, technology and technical resources with the latest generation, high-reliability, such as consoles audiomixagem for systems of small, medium and large ( 4 to 60 channels of input), high-power amplifiers, graphic equalizers, crossovers, amplifiers of instruments, systems with tri and bi-amplified active, passive speaker systems and subwoofers assets and liabilities.

Thus, in addition to heavy investment in new projects and production equipment, we have a laboratory of Controlled quality of high precision, in addition to the continuous modernization of our industrial park as a whole, which occupies the building of 20.000m2. Our professionals are highly qualified and helped to create over 600 jobs, between the development and manufacture of products, quality control, sales, technical support and after-sales maintenance

Thus, as a result of our national leadership in the field of professional sound, not just the country earns foreign exchange in the economy, employment generation, technological development and labor-specialized, but the market for such equipment becomes more accessible to users who benefit from products with national technology, based on research undertaken with seriousness and rigid quality control, factors that we opened the doors of the market in dozens of countries in Latin America and Europe.

The cyclotron and thanks for your trust in our products because our main interest is to achieve and maintain the high quality of our equipment, meeting the expectations of our most demanding customers.

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