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An Overview: Citation and Multi-Channel Sound

Multi-channel sound is not a new technology. The first demonstrations of multi-channel playback employing matrix encoding and decoding took place in the 60s about thirty years ago. Unfortunately, the results were less than satisfying from both a performance and marketing standpoint. The early systems were plagued by poor technical performance, software of highly variable quality and public indifference.

The early multi-channel systems were intended primarily for music playback but two small pioneering companies recognized the potential for multi-channel sound for playback of motion picture sound tracks in the home. As the early quadraphonic systems faded into oblivion, Audionics of Oregon and Fosgate Research (small separate companies) took advantage of the Dolby matrix encoding on early laser disc releases. Both companies modified their quadraphonic decoders to provide for decoding motion picture sound tracks all before HI FI VCRs or Dolby Surround or ProLogic.

The two companies later merged in 1986 to become Fosgate Audionics and continue their push into the high end segment of surround sound processing. During the late 80s Fosgate Audionics was one of just two or three companies addressing the "high-end" segment of the embryonic home theater market. The superior performance of the Fosgate Audionics decoder designs caught the attention of Harman International and they acquired the company in 1990.

Over the years, the Harman Kardon division of Harman International has used the Citation name to bring new and advanced audio technologies to the public. A decision was made in 1993 to merge Fosgate Audionics with Citation and re-launch Citation as a high-end brand of advanced design home theater/multi-channel products. The result was the Citation System 7000 a high performance multi-channel system with the model 7.0 AV controller as the centerpiece of the system. The 7.0 received widespread acclaim from the home theater audio press especially as a result of the performance of the 6-Axis steering system.

The 6-Axis steering circuit represents the culmination of nearly 20 years of development in advanced matrix surround processing. Developed by the Citation design team, 6-Axis offers near discrete surround performance for any two channel source. It is compatible for both music and movie surround reproduction.

Because of the very high end nature of the new Citation products, and the desire at Harman International for Citation to grow as a high-end brand independent of Harman Kardon, Citation moved in 1995 to the umbrella of Madrigal Audio Laboratories. Madrigal, also a Harman International Company, is the manufacturer of Mark Levinson and Proceed audio products arguably two of the most well known and respected high end brands in the world. Many of the innovations introduced by Citation and in the past by Fosgate Audionics have been copied and imitated by others. Some are now standard features in all surround receivers and controllers. Our innovations include:

Industry Recognition

Over the past decade and a half, Citation and our predecessor brand Fosgate Audionics, have received over twenty awards ranging from Design and Engineering Awards from the Consumer Electronics Show (EIA) to VIFA and Product of Year Awards from VIDEO Magazine. The Citation System 7000 was also awarded Class A status by The Stereophile Guide to Home Theater.

The new Citation 5.0 continues the heritage of innovation established 40 years ago with the original launch of Citation. The 5.0 provides the best value of features and performance in a high-end AV controller, with control and software capabilities unmatched in its price range. Most important, the 5.0 delivers sonic performance that rivals units costing thousands of dollars more.

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