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Solid State Amplifiers

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Citronic web site (Febuary 10, 2010): For over 30 years Citronic has been a crusader for the working DJ; providing equipment that is reliable and a service level that is second to none. As a DJ industry pioneer, Citronic developed many of the features that have become industry standards.

The Citronic philosophy has always been to push the barriers of quality and innovation, yet maintain a reputation for "out of the box" reliability with fully features and affordable products.

In December 2003 Citronic's product portfolio was acquired by Skytronic Ltd, a general electronics company, who's product ranges both support and complement the Citronic brand.

Citronic/Skytronic sales office: Under Skytronic's wing, Citronic continues to service many sectors of the entertainment industry including: Pubs, Night-clubs, Hotels, Studios as well as specific products for Musicians and DJ's.

CITRONIC Manufacturing began in founder Richard Wadman's garage in the English town called Bromham. Being in a small village, Wadman's house existed on a plot of land that did not have a street name. The house was built on "Site 2" on a designated plot of building land. It became known therefore only as Site 2 which, through usage, came to be called "cittoe". Eventually the address became Cittoe, with no number. When Wadman registered the company he combined his house name and a shorten form of "electronic" to form Citronic.

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