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Clark Wire and Cable web site (August 9, 2009): In 1989 Clark Wire & Cable opened it's doors to the broadcast industry. The goal was to start a company that would provide not only the products that customers needed for first rate installations and assemblies, but also assemble these products to each customer's specification. Today, although still considered a small business, we are big on quality and customer service.

At Clark, we know that customers are the cornerstone of our business. Therefore, we have taken the time through the years to get to know our customers as well as our industry. By learning more about the industry, we can serve your needs better

'First to Market' seems to be a buzzword in today's market, and Clark has been first on several of the products you know and love today. Our most popular cable, ribbon stereo, was the first of it's kind in the cable industry and to date we are still the only company that offers this zip-style audio in multiple color combinations.

We also were first to market with remote composite cables, which is an audio and video cable with a power cable option all under one jacket. We offer more variations on these cables than anyone else in the industry.

Another notable first was our introduction of color-coding to audio snakes. It used to be that the only way to decipher the channels was to look at the numbers on the jacket pairs. We decided to use the engineer's resistor color code to make identifying pairs a snap.

We even held a contest for the best 10-word phrase that would help people remember the code, which is Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, and White. Taking the first letter of each word, the winning entry was Before Bad Ratings Overcome You Go Buy Very Good Wire. Now there's a juicy bit of advice any engineer can appreciate!

Whether you need a custom cable harness or any odd length of audio or video cable, you can count on the professionals at Clark to meet your cabling requirements. Clark Wire & Cable, exceeding your expectations, delivering on short notice and providing value added services unparalleled by any distributor to the audio, video and broadcast industry.

Our highly experienced technicians maintain Clark's termination shop. The shop manager and the work his team does is a point of pride for us at Clark. They regularly saves the day for our company and many of the engineers, like you, in the field. Where most companies will tell you that a custom termination job will probably take weeks, He makes every effort to get these same jobs done in days! We make sure he has the tools to solve problems and make you the hero of your time-sensitive wiring project. We already have plenty of industry fans because of the custom work we do, and we encourage you to check it out, too. You won't be disappointed!

Lastly, we offer those little things that make your day go a bit smoother. For instance, you will always talk to a warm and friendly person when you call us. Voicemail is used sparingly as we believe in maintaining a one-on-one relationship with our customers.

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