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  • 5115 Red Fox Drive, Brighton MI 48114-9034, UK
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  • 810 229 5191
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Horn Speakers
Valve Amplifiers

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Classic Audio Reproductions web site (July 14, 2009): Thank you for your interest in classic audio reproduction products. We believe we offer the highest quality horn type loudspeaker systems in the world at any price. Our "T-1" system have replaced competitors systems which retail for up to three times our suggested retail price. When you compare the cost of the driver compliment vs. the retail price ratio of our systems, we are without a doubt an incredible value.

We consider ourselves a custom loudspeaker manufacturer. Each system is custom made for each client -- if for no other reason than for their choice of wood finish and grill cloth style. We also offer custom systems of your design.

We design our systems to reproduce all types of music at whatever listening level is authentic.

At all our demonstrations we encourage customers to bring us their favorite pieces of music.

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