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Clements web site (January 23, 2004): Clements loudspeakers have been a tradition in the audio industry since 1976. Recognized around the world by both general audio enthusiasts and ardent audiophiles as an innovative technology leader, owners of Clements loudspeakers expect and enjoy product excellence. The result being pride of ownership consistent with the high goals of designer, Philip R. Clements. Awarded three patents for sound reproduction, Mr. Clements has dedicated over 20 years in the pursuit of musical quality for home enjoyment and small commercial applications. His first company products, under the name Phase Research Corporation, and subsequently those bearing the name Clements starting in 1984, are the speakers of choice in hundreds of thousands of homes around the world.

Known as both a leader in technology for their high-efficiency "Planar Ribbon" driver and "R-HD Compression Line Bass Filter" (patented), in the lofty air of Audiophile-ville, Clements loudspeaker products are also an acknowledged leader, if not the acknowledged leader, in performance/value. From Audio Magazine's January '91 statement in the "RT-7" review exclaiming them, "A remarkable achievement," to Stereophile's comment in April '97, "One speaker with an embarrassingly high value:price ratio was the 206di from Clements," Clements Loudspeakers continue to confirm their leadership in the marketplace.

Today Clements designs include the Dynamic Image loudspeaker products, the "di" series, that are rapidly becoming a "defacto standard" among Clements dealers and their customers. This for $1000 a pair, and under. In addition, Mr. Clements offers Solus, the best built, best quality, high performance architectural audio in-wall loudspeaker made.

At each of their respective price levels, Clements loudspeakers continue to represent minute-to-minute enjoyment within a lifetime of musical value. Inherent in each product is the uncompromising and continuing philosophy of excellence. All Clements loudspeaker owners have benefitted from these high standards over the last 22 years.

A Willingness to Stand Alone


t has been said, "Quality has no substitute." Today, in a world filled with cost-first design and high volume robotics mass production, Clements Loudspeakers stand alone against compromise. Meticulous hand-built construction, performance-first design, and unfaltering customer support -- these are the hallmarks of excellence in quality-crafted products.

Every owner of a Clements product benefits from an unflinching adherence to these standards: reference standards of performance, pride of ownership, and pure listening pleasure. This singular vision of excellence, 'to be the best,' is the driving force behind Clements. From this vision is born confidence and a willingness to stand alone.

A Personal Statement

My belief, enjoyment, and interest in quality products and quality sound is equally paralleled by my enjoyment of people and a policy of being available to each of you. I welcome your questions and comments, and can be reached at my e-mail address: I hope you enjoy our web site and frequent us often. To provide a more well-rounded site perspective, I am including a Wine and Music tip of the month, along with one for Audio -- Home Theater. Hopefully these tips will help answer some of your questions regarding audio pursuits, and perhaps will help enhance the musical enjoyment itself of listening to a great sound system.

Additionally, you will find on the site a Buyers Preference Certificate that you can print and take with you to your nearest Clements dealer. This Certificate will entitle you to save money (another interest of mine) upon your purchase of any of my products.

Good luck to all of you in your musical pursuits.

Respectfully, Philip R. Clements

Tim L. Nesbitt (February 3, 2010): Phillip, My name is Tim L. Nesbitt. At one time was your company located in Dallas Texas? I remember the Little-Ds', THEY WHERE FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Please if you would send me some literature to:

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