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Coby Electronics web site (August 8, 2009): Coby Electronics Corporation ("Coby" or the "Company") is a privately held "C" Corporation incorporated in the State of New York. Founded in 1990 by Mr. Young Dong Lee, who is the President and owns 100% of Coby's capital stock, got its name (minus two letters) from Cowboy, a wholesale electronics company that Mr. Lee started earlier in his career. Mr. Lee is a true entrepreneur in the highly competitive CE (Consumer Electronics) industry. He had the vision and foresight to create a new brand of CE products that offers value, quality, variety, and innovation. Coby develops, manufactures and distributes the latest CE products in the following categories: Home, Portable and Home Theater DVD Players; Portable MP3 Players, CD/MP3 players, LCD TVs and Portable TVs; AM/FM and Clock Radios; Headphones; Digital Photos Frames; SD and USB Drives; and other Accessories.

Coby's World Headquarters is located in Maspeth, New York. Together with its sister companies, Coby has over 5,700 employees worldwide, with 3 manufacturing facilities, 2 distribution centers, and multiple satellite offices throughout the US, Asia, and Latin America. Since inception in 1990, Coby has risen quickly through the ranks of the CE industry, best known for its portable audio and video products. Coby has developed equities in offering products that are innovative, sleek and with a contemporary feel to fit today's changing consumer lifestyles. Commitment to innovation and quality while maintaining price value positioning has been the key to Coby's success.

Over the 15 years, Coby's product development team has earned several U.S. patents and design awards, with numerous additional patents pending. Based on the company's portfolio of intellectual properties, Coby has created a new generation of products that are consistent market share leaders. The company maintains an in-house product development department responsible for creating innovative, award-winning product/package designs and exclusive patented and patent-pending products. The majority of the Coby's products are manufactured at the sister-factories located in Guang Dong and Jiangxi Provinces China. Finished Coby products are shipped to the Company's main warehouse located in Rancho Dominguez, California for a nationwide distribution.

Coby has built up an impressive and diverse list of national and regional customers. Currently, Coby®-brand products are sold through more than 1,400 retailers worldwide including mass merchandisers, consumer electronics retailers, drugstores, specialty marketers and department stores.

Coby has made significant investments in the areas of: Product Development; Manufacturing; R&D; Operations; Information Systems; Sales; and Marketing support to maintain Coby's strong growth momentum. Most recently, Coby has invested heavily in its operations to dramatically improve the speed and order efficiency process. This investment allows Coby to be in compliance with many of the newly acquired accounts. The Sales team has staffed up with the Order Processing, Allocations, and Supply Chain functions to better service Coby's customer base. From a branding perspective, significant resources are allocated to heighten Coby's Brand awareness on a national basis via a mix of consumer/trade advertising, Public Relations, and Product Integration. Lastly, Coby is committed to delivering excellence in quality and innovation to maximize customer satisfaction.

In order to meet the needs of its demanding customer base and the constantly changing consumer demands, Coby has developed a broad range of technologically advanced and creatively packaged products. The Company currently offers over 350 different products from over thirty (30) different electronics categories.

Coby Los Angeles Despite the fast paced and highly competitive CE industry dynamics, Coby has positioned itself as a significant industry player with strong brand awareness and customer loyalty in a short period of time. To differentiate Coby in the CE industry, the Company adapted a strategy based on three main factors: have enough on-hand inventory to keep up with product demand; lower pricing to compete with the well established large major-brand manufacturers; and award winning innovative designs and quality to set Coby apart from the "No name" Imports. By leveraging the in-house product design team and manufacturing capabilities of the sister company in China, Coby is able to achieve the two main objectives of its differentiation strategy to offer innovative, quality products at attractive-prices.

Coby has an experienced CE leadership team and operates a lean hungry and aggressive organization. The management team of Coby is attuned to the critical success factors of the CE industry, and continually focused on delivering quality, innovation at an attractive price. This motto has been the cornerstone of Coby's success to date.

In order to maintain Coby's strong growth momentum while capitalizing on the numerous market opportunities, Coby is constantly reinvesting it's earnings in order to keep inventory at it's highest capacity, as well as receivables expansion initiatives. Together, these factors make the Company well suited for an increase in the size of both market share and overall revenues.Margie Means (January 14, 2010): My husband bought a Coby portable DVD player (TF-DVD1020) from a catalog (I believe from the Smithsonian or Natural History) for around $500 a few years ago before the prices started coming down. It now won't work, and we took it in to a shop in Reno that works on electronics, and it still doesn't work. Can you recommend where we could take it to be fixed or I could send it to you - either way. I hate to give up on a $500 item, because we really liked it when it was working. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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