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  • Collaro Ltd., Ripple Works, Barking, Ess
  • London, SW5 0AJ, UK
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Tape Decks

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TAC (August 24, 2011): Collaro decks were made in Barking Essex at Ripple Works. In the 60's they stopped making record changers and concentrated on tape decks for popular tape recorder makers. They changed their name to Magnavox and their tape decks continued to be used by various manufacturers until the early 70's when cassettes took over. BSR record and tape decks were made in the West Midlands at Monarch Works and were the world's largest manufacturer of record changers in the 60's and 70's. The demise of BSR started when the Japanese started to make affordable and well made equipment in the late 70's. This also was responsible for the end of Garrard, the main competitor to BSR and originally Collaro.

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