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Copland web site (December 2003): Aiming to meet the uncompromising expectations of our users all over the world, we continuously strive to develop and improve the wellknown build quality and finish of the COPLAND range of audio products.

Designing audio equipment presents us with an integral paradox: How to scientifically approach an audio system that is to perform as a medium of art. As with other art forms, our perception and appreciation of music would seem to defy logical classifications and structural thinking, and yet, these are scientific principles that an audio designer must use as a basis for evaluating sound quality.

The audio designer is a performer of science and craftsmanship: However, his work must be carried out with artistic devotion and commitment. This pursuit of excellence is at the centre of the COPLAND design philosophy, and we are convinced that you will discover our commitment to it, when you experience your favourite music through COPLAND equipment.


Copland website (October 2000): It is almost a decade now since Copland was founded by Danish designer Ol� Möller. Following on from years of experience and an intuitive feel for the product, Ol� has brought a new meaning to valve amplification, dispelling myths regarding the reliability and performance of valve amplifiers. The exquisite smooth sounds associated with valves combine in all of Ol�'s designs with a build quality that has become Copland's hallmark.

The onset of the 1990s however marked a turning point with regard to public awareness of those unique amplifiers, Ol� looked to the heart of Swedish lakelands for a team of craftsmen, headed by Lars Pedersen, to cope with the escalating demand for the product. Situated in a converted lumbermill, the scene was set for a fresh, aesthetic approach to valve amplification.

The first models produced were the classic CTA 401 and CTA 501. These two beautifully crafted amplifiers astounded the hi-fi press with their sound and build quality, rapidly receiving critical acclaim worldwide. 1992 marked the year for innovations, laying the CTA 301/504 combination at the feet of the audio world. A soft start preamplifier and power amplifier with tetrode/triode switching acquired possibly greater acclaim, enticing hardened transistor lovers to the capabilities of valves.

By 1993, the factory was expanded to keep apace with international demand, yet most notable was the masterstroke from designer Ol� Möller. The CSA 14 bears a new hallmark for Copland with Synergy as its middle name, to emphasise the reality of combining the attributes of transistor and valves in one amplifier. Ol� Möller designer and founder

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