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Solid State Amplifiers

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Credo web site (October 14, 2009): At Credo we believe that listening to a good music-system should be as good as listening to a real thing. Credo amplifiers and loudspeakers have been created by dedicated music lovers possessing an inimate knowledge of thereal sound of instruments.

If your favorite recording is performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Credo will put you into the concert hall. And for a rock concert recorded live, we`ll put you into the stadium. How do we go about reaching this goal? We make thigns as simple as possible. The signal goes from the source, the recording, to the loudspeakers unimpeded by relays, filters and the like. Thus, no part of the signal will be lost in the process - nor will there be anything added that was not there to begin with. As result you can experience real music satisfaction.

The Credo sound is refined and delicate without a hint of the harshness that is usually associated with solid-state amplification. The subtleties and nuances of the music are precisely transmitted and the tonal balance is correct. The treble is lush, fast and crystal clear. It is without grain, blur or sheen. The mid-range is unclutterd, fast, open, well focused and natural. Bass is controlled, fast, deep and powerful. The soundstage is clearly defined, the dynamics are effortless, and the reproduction of timbre isperfect.

In this way it is possible to listen for just as long as you would listen to live music without fatigue or sustain... this is that magic quality that makes you just want to enjoy the music.

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