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Andy Davison (September 2001): I know this company very well and have owned quite a few of their products. They are still in business, based in England and run by a very reclusive man called Glen Croft. His designs mostly feature valve regulation in the power supply and the preamps originaly were called the Micro , Super Micro , Super Micro A , and the Mega Micro (c 1980s-1990s)

The top model included a seperate power supply box containing 4 seperate valve regulated power supplies (I have owned one of these and one of each of the other models ). All croft products are hard wired on tag strip and are exellent value for money but I have found by spending a bit of money on quality volume control pots and power supply caps they really show the designs true capability. This is not a criticism of the manufacturer as he builds products that work exceptionally well at their price level and he is very aware of this.

Croft power amps were EL 84 based and EL 34 based, again valve regulated power supplies models series IV and V. Croft also has long been a manufacturer of output transformerless power amplifiers but I have no personal knowledge of these products.

John McEnroe (September 2001): Croft, a British company which has been around for many years, is known amongst enthusiasts for offering exceptional value for money products. Everything they make is carefully handmade by a very small team, using traditional methods, with component quality carefully chosen to be appropriate to the price range and function; money is not wasted on uneccessary frills which do not improve sound quality. Finish is basic, but manages to be stylish and practical.

Ken Cumberlidge (October 2001): Just wanted to add a personal comment about Glenn Croft. I fully endorse the description given on your pages re. his products, but I'd like to add a few words about the man himself, drawn from my own experience. The description of him as "reclusive" may well be true for all I know, but please, folks, don't get the impression that reclusive = cold, unfriendly or stand-offish.

I'm a DIY valve HiFi nut with very little spare cash. A couple of years ago I bought a second-hand Croft Super-Micro preamp at a knock-down price. It was clear that a previous owner had done some dodgy modifications on it, so in order to find out its original layout, I wrote to the Croft company, asking if they might be able to send me a circuit diagram.

The reply completely bowled me over: a hand-written letter from Glenn Croft himself! He began by apologising, explaining that he was unable to provide an authoritative diagram, as the unit had gone through several versions over the years. He then filled the next page with suggested component upgrades and circuitry tweaks, based on his current design philosophy and methods.

I wrote back to thank him, thinking that would be the end of the matter. Immediately, he wrote back with more ideas. Thus began a short but very fruitful and friendly correspondence, in which he answered my most esoteric queries with patience and politeness, and bombarded me with "hot tips" on how to get the best from the unit. It was all sound, commonsense electronics, too: no bullshit. Throughout, he was disarmingly frank and pragmatic about his work: not afraid to draw my attention to possible design shortcomings and suggest ways in which improvements might be achieved. I ask you - how many other manufacturers of high-end HiFi would dare be so honest!

I still have his letters on file; pages stuffed with hand-drawn bits of circuitry. The effort he went to, just to service the low-budget tinkerings of one home-hobbyist - and at no profit to himself - was truly heartening. I have the preamp, too: a lovely item and a pleasure to use, it still gets tinkered with. Right now, I'm fitting it with a stepped attenuator.I know I told him at the time, but if I may, I'd like to use this opportunity to say, once again and in public: THANK YOU, Mr. CROFT!

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