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Cryo web site (October 14, 2009): Research indicated that changes occur in the microstructure of metal as a result of deep cryogenic treatment. These desirable changes are why many knife and sword makers use this process as it gives metal a more uniform hardness and greater dimensional stability, due to the conversion of austenite (large unstable particles of carbon carbide, resulting in a large grained lattice structure) to martensite (fine grained lattice structure). But what do swords have to do with audio? Not much...but the same basic principles apply.

When Copper, Silver, or Brass, or any metal used in audio, is formed into cables or AC plugs, the materials develop residual stress. For example, microscopic examination of the Copper in an AC cord would reveal many voids in the crystal lattice structure of the Copper due to these residual stresses. Deep cryogenic treatment works at the atomic level; research indicates that as the temperature decreases the atomic bonds start to weaken and the crystal structure of Copper reverts to its original state and removes these stresses. These changes, theoretically, are one of the reasons why cryogenic treatment makes a positive difference to the sound.

As cryogenic treatment of audio parts, in the grand scheme of things, has not been around very long no one completely understands the mechanisms involved as to why it makes a difference in sound. Our niche market is simply too small for any major studies to have been done to quantify the changes to an audio item during cryo and correlate the resulting change in sound quality. As cryogenic treatment becomes more widespread in the audio industry, we look for someone soon to take on the project of measuring and quantifying what many are hearing as a result of cryogenic treatment.

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