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Crystal Audio web site (October 14, 2009):
From day one, our aim at Crystal Audio was: "To create Innovative Home Theatre systems with Nice Looking Hi-End speakers". Our philosophy became reality with our continuous research and development of innovative technologies. We offer to our customers the best possible products and excellent pre-sales and after-sales support. For us the sale of our speakers is the beginning of a long term relationship that is based on:

At CA we continuously update all levels of our activities, seeking on every step the perfection. We therefore implement the latest information technology products to support every link of our commercial chain, from the factory to your home. To achieve this goal, we are capable to suggest to you, even through our internet site, how you should place your speakers.


2009 - Energy saving down to 70%

Working on more green innovations we developed a unique and varied series of innovative Energy Savers. Either automatic or remote controlled they reduce standby energy consumption down to 70%.

2008 - Wireless Audio

Patented wireless speaker amplifiers. Crystal Audio took its wireless amplifiers even further pushing the limits of their appearance and functionality. Unique design for on-wall installation that eliminates additional cable runs, offering unprecedented flexibility.

2007 - EU Registered Safe Cleaners

Success in the accessories market and the increasing LCD screen market compel us to develop the first and only green European screen- cleaners. These use safe materials and formulas approved and registered according to the directives of European Union.

2006 - Accessories for IT & CE

Inspired by the new merged markets of IT and consumer electronics, we developed a wide range of affordable high-end accessories, such as cables, surge protectors and TV wall mounts for every TV and PC customer.

2006 The Sound of Art

It all begun with Love and Need. Love for the Arts and Science. For Beauty and Accurate Knowledge. For Grace and Earnestness. The need to satisfy emotions and mind. The need to express and create. From Crystal Audio's historic Electro-Dynamic Dipoles up to today's collaboration with leading sculptor Ilirian Shima, which stands as a new turning-point in our journey for the satisfaction of Love and Need; an island still unknown to those who paddle about the known harbors of Design.

2005 Smart Series: "SmArt" speakers for the lovers of design

SmArt speakers are unique as they offer interchangeable side panels. Changing cabinet colour is now as easy and fast as removing a front grille. Therefore, owners of a SmArt system may change the colour of their speakers at any given time, in order to match their decor or their mood. The side panels are made of real wood veneer, lacquered with luxurious high gloss finishes, available in six colors: Silver, Dark Cherry, Maple, Ferrari Red, Lamborghini Yellow and Piano Black. Their elegant style along with their top performance is an irresistible combination.

2004 THX Series: Crystal Audio acquires THX certification for high-end Home theatre

The designers at Crystal Audio used all their engineering know-how to ensure the companys new line of speakers achieved THX Select certification and the seal of approval this bestows. THX certification is the only quality certification for multi-channel audio with strict specifications to guarantee the highest performance possible. Besides THX certification, the range of loudspeakers includes an innovative exterior tweeter which rotates towards the hearing position. This way, speaker placement in the listening room is much easier. The consumer can place the speakers at the spot he deems best and afterwards turn the tweeter towards the hearing position, in order to get the best sound in the directional high frequencies. The textile covers are made with an innovative, thin metal frame to be totally sound transparent towards all directions. These innovative grilles minimize diffraction of regular covers and offer very wide and well focused stereo image.

2003 Crystal Audio presents a unique e-learning training system

This e-learning system includes both theory and assessment tests to help the students consolidate their knowledge. The system collects various data, such as, the students grades, the time required to complete each section, the dates when the student logged on and off, etc. This information is available to the system administrator for a correct assessment of the students' progress.

2003 A unique Home Theatre Handbook is published

Based on countless hours of seminars and courses to audio/video salesmen, the Home Theatre Handbook gives all the technological background of todays A/V systems. This handbook is intended for: Consumers who want to learn how to spend their money wisely and how to purchase the best home entertainment system their money can buy Salesmen who want to offer the best solutions to their customers. Salesmen who want to be well-trained and competitive professionals Students who want to match theoretical knowledge with Audio/Video products applications Technicians and engineers who want to integrate their A/V knowledge through an innovative training system that includes over 300 Questions and Answers

2002 Prisma Series: high-end, now affordable

After the System Series delivered mini-sized, high-end multi-channel systems a combination of Crystal Audios innovative technologies, versatile design and affordability made the full-size Prisma Series one of the worlds best buys. Engineered to make high-end speakers affordable the designs embraced prismatic cabinets, Kevlar woofers, free air tweeters on top of the cabinet, multiple active subwoofers modularity and electronic protection: Their prismatic cabinets were superior to regular cabinets of similar priced speakers. The drivers and crossovers were optimized to offer flat response without ripples. Internal standing waves were eliminated and the sound was Crystal Clear. Diffraction was eliminated and the stereo image focus was improved

2001 Correct speaker placement is now done in seconds with Room & Speaker Matchmaker V1.0

One of the biggest headaches for loudspeaker owners is ideal placment. This is especially true for home cinema systems. Taking into consideration whats most beneficial for the consumer, Crystal Audio created Room & Speaker Matchmaker software, now called RAD (Room Acoustics Designer). Thanks to this pioneering software, each consumer can fully design their listening area. The program algorithms propose the ideal position for the speakers in association with the seating position and the size of screen. The Room and Speaker Matchmaker V1.0 was first presented at the 2001 international IFA exhibition in Berlin.

2000 System Series: Ăsmall speakers with high-end performance

Crystals System Speaker Series was a pioneer line of high-end satellites with subwoofers for multi-channel systems. This was one of the first times that very small size was combined very high-quality materials, first-rate manufacture and, of course, high-end performance. Each model of the System Series had multiple Alucone three inch drivers. The cone was manufactured from a special aluminium compound that provided high quality and endurance attributes. Thus, combining the advantages of a metal cone without a metal tinge. System 5, was a pioneer high-end mini loudspeaker with 3ť mid/bass driver and exterior tweeter. Combined with one of the lines impressive subwoofers for deep output, the only “advantageť of a larger speaker is that they take up more space.

1999 The worlds first range of electro-dynamic dipole loudspeakers

In the nineties, the dipole loudspeakers were electrostatic, magnetostatic or ribbon designs. Thus, the advantages of bipolar designing met the disadvantages of these technologies, such as high requirements for amplifiers, the big surface area of membranes and their difficult placement in the listening room. Crystal Audio was the first manufacturer to present a bipolar electrodynamic design - even among the largest loudspeaker companies in the world. The three models from the original dipole series Grand Dipole, Dipole 6 and Dipole 4 ideally combined all the benefits of the top electrodynamic loudspeakers with the benefits of the dipole panels, while having none of the handicaps.

1998 A passion for music and an in-depth knowledge of the science of sound led to the formation of Crystal Audio

To venture into a market dominated by big manufacturers takes enthusiasm and devotion. Vassilis "Bill" Tsakiris and his colleagues possessed both in abundance. 18 years research into the science of sound led to the formation of Crystal Audio. Since then, introducing new technologies and radical manufacturing techniques has remained a prime factor in Crystal Audios success. Crystal Audio has one important advantage over other manufacturers: besides immense technical knowledge it has a real and profound love for "good sound" and, naturally, a passion for music. Thats why Crystal Audios creations are unique

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